• Government likely to rank State Transport Corporations

    The Narendra Modi government will soon come out with a policy to reward the best-performing state transport corporations through central funding to move to less polluting electric buses and set up charging and maintenance infrastructure.

    The scheme being conceptualised by the transport ministry will involve ranking of the state transport corporations across the country on the basis of financial performance, connection to towns and villages and condition of bus terminals and passenger amenities.

    The best performing ones will be shifted to electric mobility gradually. In the first year, the ministry wants around 5,000 such buses to go on road to be increased to almost 30,000 in the second. “Currently, state transport corporations incur heavy losses because of bad management and high maintenance and operations cost. The ones which perform well as per our performance standards would be given electric buses,” a top roads ministry official said.

    “It will bring down running cost by almost half. Currently, on an average, every transport corporation makes losses to the tune of `20 per km. Electric mobility will completely wipe out their losses, besides saving a lot on carbon emissions,” the official said.

    The government is separately working on a policy to move India to electric mobility in a major way by 2030 as a part of its green initiative. Separately, a proposal to buy almost 2 lakh e-cars for government departments, ministries and other bodies is also being considered.

    In a recent interview to ET, roads transport and highways minister, Nitin Gadkari said the government would come out with the electric vehicles policy by the end of the year. Gadkari added his ministry will soon have a fund to procure such buses.

    Gadkari’s ministry has already floated a proposal saying that electric taxis should be exempted from all permits and various state taxes to make acquisition and operation of such cars as commercial vehicles easier and cheaper.

    “With the kind of volume that India will give to these companies is going to be unprecedented. The ministry has already offered sops such as land to Tesla to manufacture in India. Once we make a visible push towards electric mobility, such companies would come on their own,” the official said. Tom Compton Womens Jersey

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