• GetMore at affordable rate: Jet woos the Indian customer

    “Get More at affordable rates,” is the message that Jet Airways is keen to push among price conscious Indian travellers as it seeks to consolidate its position in the domestic market. The airline is also hoping that its latest campaign which unveils on Tuesday on digital and social media, radio, out of home, print and television will also “convert” more passengers to fly on its aircraft.

    While emphasising that its fares were competitive, Colin Neubronner, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Jet Airways, said that if fares charged between the various domestic airlines are broken down the difference between them is about ? 200-300 on a one-way ticket.

    “But the actual monetary value that Jet Airways provides in terms of the food and beverage that we serve is about $3. For those who are members of our privilege miles programme they get miles on flights whether it is long or short haul which gives an adjusted value of $6. Then there is the lounge (the cost of) which has gone up tremendously. If you add up $3 from the food and $ 6 from the miles and $ 11 from the lounge you save $ 20 which is about ? 1,300. What our consumer gets is four times of the ? 200-300 price differential,” Neubronner told BusinessLine.

    The campaign will focus on almost everything including the fact that the airline offers over 20 special meals, regional and international cuisine, hot beverages, a wide network with over 600 daily flights and a free baggage allowance.

    Belson Coutinho, Vice President, Marketing, added that the objective of the campaign is not only to reinforce the service message among existing customers but also to target those who are prone to comparing fares before making a decision on which airline to fly. Besides, the airline is also hoping to attract youth, students and other segments.

    “It is too difficult and too early to say how many will convert,” Coutinho said, when asked how many more passengers does he think will start flying with Jet Airways as a result of the campaign.

    The latest campaign comes in the back drop of the airline’s December 2014 strategic decision to move away from multiple sub-brands like JetLite and JetKonnect and offer a standardised product offering across its fleet. The move has seen premier and economy cabins being standardised across its Boeing 737 fleet among others changes. Tom Brady Womens Jersey

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