• Flightstats clarifies Air India not third worst airline

    Clarifying on reports about Air India being the third worst airline in terms of operations, aviation insights company Flightstats has clarified, in a letter to Air India, that their list does not put Air India as the third worst airline in the world.

    According to a reports a couple of days back, Air India was the third worst airline in the world in terms of operational performance. “The Worst 10 International Airlines of 2016 10. Hainan Airlines – 30.3 percent 9. Korean Air – 31.74 percent 8. Air China – 32.73 percent 7. Hong Kong Airlines – 33.42 percent 6. China Eastern Airlines – 35.8 percent 5. Asiana Airlines – 37.46 percent 4. Philippine Airlines – 38.33 percent 3. Air India – 38.71 percent 2. Icelandair – 41.05 percent 1. El Al – 56 percent,” the report had stated.

    The rating was contested by Air India, which wrote a letter to FlighStats, which responded by saying that Air India’s projection as third lowest is not accurate.

    “We understand that a recent article by Bloomberg has portrayed Air India in a negative light and we want to assure you that FlightStats by no means endorsed their portrayal of your performance. While we do highlight exceptional performers, we do not, and have not, highlighted low performance or maintain a list of worst performing airlines,” said Flightstats response

    The response added that Bloomberg requested and was provided a list of 122 international carriers with their accompanying arrival on-time percentage for the year of 2016. All data is reported using the industry standard A14 metric, which measures the percentage of on-time actual gate arrivals within 14:59 of scheduled gate arrival.

    “Our data, which was a measure of 97.7 per cent of your arriving flights, indicated that 61.29 per cent of Al’s flight arn’ved within the A14 threshold. Bloomberg applied its journalistic license to invert the A14 result to highlight the percentage of delayed flights being 38.17 per cent and indicated that the number was a predictor to future delays. This is not how we would portray airline OTP; nor were we given access to the Bloomberg article prior to its publication. Please note we are making a formal statement about this on our website as well as via our social and media channels,” reads the missive, written by James E Hetzel, Vice President, Business development at FlightStats, Inc. Blake Wheeler Authentic Jersey

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