• Electricity dept faces Rs 9 crore losses every month due to line loss in Bijnor

    With an increase in technical glitches and theft of electricity, line loss in Bijnor district is on the rise. While at this time of the year, the line loss was only 16% in 2015, it has crossed 23% this year. According to sources in the electricity department, the department is facing about Rs 9 crore in losses every month. Keeping this in mind, the electricity department has planned to set up camps in the district wherein a target of getting 14,000 new connections in three months has been given.

    According to data with the superintendent engineer’s office, there are 4.18 lakh consumers in Bijnor district, of which 3.31 lakh are for domestic use, 36,428 commercial and 43,966 connections are for tubewells, while according to the DPRO’s office, there are a total of 7.5 lakh families in the district. About 50% of the families have no legal electricity connection.

    Superintendent engineer of the corporation, Ranjeet Singh, said, “Most of the losses are in rural areas as those consumers pay a fixed bill while they spend a lot of electricity. However, now we are setting up meters in rural areas also. There is also power theft. We have launched a checking campaign to put an end to this. Thousands of FIR have been filled against the people for stealing power. Technical faults also cause line losses.”

    On the increasing line losses, Singh said, “Earlier the average power supply every month was about 110 million units while this year average per month is 140 million units. It is a fact that when power supply increases, line losses also go up.”

    “To lessen the losses, we have started a campaign to provide connection to those who do not have it. The corporation had assigned a target of 41,587 connections in the district within three months. So far we have given about 4,000.” Jean-Gabriel Pageau Jersey

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