• Dist Consumer forum slaps Rs 17k fine on eBay

    District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Bhopal, slaps Rs 16,900 fine on online shopping company eBay, for delivering the defected mobile phone to a city residents Praveen Tikekar, 54 years.

    Other two named in the list are Fortune infovision private limited from Jaipur and Satyam Mobile and computers, from Bhopal.

    Consumer Praveen Tikekar had bought the mobile phone WIIO, model number W15, manufactured by Jaipur company, through online shopping site eBay on October 31, 2014 after paying the cost of Rs 9900. He received the phone on November 10, next month.

    As soon as he started his mobile there was a problem of network and mobile hung up several times. He tried to use the mobile phone for few days by switching it on and off, but when he started facing more problems he discussed the problem with the manufacturing company, but no satisfactory action was taken.

    When Praveen decided to go consumer forum and told both the companies eBay and manufacturing company from Jaipur, they changed the mobile. But again the same problem started. He gave his mobile at service centre on February 18, 2015, which was received after repairing on February 21, but again there was the same problem repeated.

    On April 22, the consumer requested the shopping portal to change the mobile via email, but there was no response from the companies and ultimately the case was filed in district consumer forum.

    Despite several reminders for hearing and notices when none of the companies felt the importance of appearing in the court, they were slapped with the fine. The company has been asked to pay Rs 9,900, the cost of mobile, Rs 5000 as mental harrasment and monetary loss and Rs 2000 for legal aid as compensation to Praveen Tikekar, within timeperiod of two months.

    The order was given by bench including members Sunil Shrivastava and Monika Malik 

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