• Diesel Vehicles To Be Imposed With 30 Percent Green Tax

    Diesel vehicles in India are being deemed as polluting and dangerous to the environment. Now the diesel vehicles could be imposed with a green tax up to 30 percent. The suggestion was provided by Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA). A final decision on imposing of 30 percent green tax on diesel vehicles will be made on April 30, 2016. The goal is to regulate the use of diesel vehicles that ply on Indian roads.

    The main focus is to improve the quality of air in the country and the impact of diesel exhaust on health. Currently, the Delhi Government has banned the sale of diesel vehicles in the capital. No manufacturer is permitted to sell diesel vehicles over 2,000cc in the Delhi-NCR region. In an attempt to curb rising air pollution, the Delhi Government has reintroduced the odd/ even driving scheme. Green Tax will be applicable on all diesel vehicles that ply on Indian roads. This will provide authorities to check toxic emissions from diesel vehicles. Officials could also keep track the number of diesel-powered vehicles that ply on the road and could even stop high-polluting vehicles on roads.  

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