• Delhi may see 445 mw of power supply shortage

    Aravali Power Company has served a power supply regulation notice to Delhi distribution companies, BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd (BRPL) & BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) for non-payment of dues. The regulation will deprive Delhi of 445 MW of power midnight of September 5.

    Power allocated to these DISCOMs from Aravali Power Company is 445 MW and the average monthly energy bill is around Rs 87 crore for the current fiscal.

    “Payments by the DISCOMs have become irregular for quite sometime. The matter was brought before the Supreme Court of India, who in their judgement dated 26.03.2014 directed the DISCOMs to ensure payments of all current energy bills with effect from January 2014. However, despite clear directions of the Supreme Court, dues continued to accumulate. On Thursday, the outstanding amounts are Rs 961.58 crore,” said Aravali Power in a statement on Thursday.

    “In a meeting held by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) both BRPL & BYPL had given plan for liquidation of outstanding dues based on which regulation notice issued by Aravali Power earlier was withdrawn. Aravali Power has to pay in advance to its fuel suppliers which constitute about 70%-80% of its monthly energy bills. If the above situation continues, APCPL being a single power station company is unable to meet any of its commitments including payment to fuel suppliers, debt servicing requirements and even payment of salaries to its employees,” the company said.

    Under the circumstances, Aravali Power has no other option but to regulate power to the DISCOMs. A notice for regulation of power supply has been served to BRPL & BYPL which will deprive Delhi of 445 MW of power. Dustin McGowan Jersey

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