• CISF gears up to thwart terror strikes at Indian airports

    The Central Industrial Task Force has deployed quick reaction teams (QRTs) at airports, trained its personnel and strengthened its capability to counter terror strikes. “We are gearing up to counter any attack in the manner of Istanbul or Brussels (terror attacks). Our people are already trained. We have deployed QRTs behind bullet-resistant (bullet-proof) ‘morchas’, so that if terror elements fire they will not be able to get us,” a senior CISF official said.
    After the Istanbul and Brussels incidents, the CISF has formulated strategies to thwart such attacks at Indian airports guarded by it. “With the recent attacks in Brussels and Istanbul, attacks from the city-side have become more prominent. So, we are devising ways and means to counter such attacks,” the official told PTI.
    “We have started checking at the ‘nakas’ now. Any suspicious vehicle going to airport will be stopped and checked with the help of sniffer dogs and electronic explosive detectors,” he said. In addition, QRTs have been deployed at the arrival and departure side of airports.
    “If they (QRTs) find any suspicious person coming out with weapon or attempting to fire, our teams have been instructed to fire back to counter the terrorist attack. We have the capability to fire back at them and neutralise them. We are going into that mode now,” he said. Coty Sensabaugh Womens Jersey

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