• Centre keen to tone up power distribution, network infra: CEA

    The Centre is on a missionary mode to address the twin challenges of financial revival of distribution companies and reduction of transmission and commercial loss, said SD Dubey, Chairman of the Central Electricity Authority.

    Delivering his keynote address at the inaugural session of CII’s Energizing South 2016 conference on “Smart – Reliable – Sustainable Power”, Dubey said, “the Centre is keen to increase the efficiency of power distribution system in the country by addressing issues like network infrastructure, and IT enablement. It is also revising and amending technological standards for grid connectivity.”

    The government’s priority is the efficient and systematic development of generation, transmission, and distribution systems, the three limbs of the power sector.

    Dubey further said that though India has almost achieved power surplus, the benefits of generation and transmission have not reached consumers due to constraints in distribution. There are several parts of the country still experiencing power cuts, non-availability of power, and supply of non-quality power.

    India’s power sector has come a long way since Independence. In 1947, India had 1.4 GW of available power but today, the installed capacity has increased to over 300 GW with over 250 million connected consumers. Bob Probert Jersey

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