• Bihar MLA strips half naked to demand construction of road, sends kurta to Gadkari, pyjama to Nitish

    BJP MLA Vinay Bihari devised a unique way to protest. Vinay stripped down to half-pants and an undershirt to send out a message to the Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
    Since last three years Vinay has been trying to get a road constructed from West Champaran’s Manuapul via Jogapatti, to Navalpur Ratwal Chowk Path. The stretch is a 44-km-long road for which Vinay has even sent a letter to Nitin Gadkari and Nitish Kumar. But the road work did not kick-off.
    This time, Vinay packed his kurta along with a letter and sent it to Nitin Gadkari. In the letter, Vinay wrote how his kurta was emblematic of Bhartiya Janta Party’s pride and honour.
    He even told Gadkari that he will start wearing kurta only once the construction of the road has begun.
    Not stopping at that, Vinay sent his pyjama to CM Nitish reminding him the promise he made three years ago.
    Vinay says, Nitish Kumar, in front of 1.5 lakh people, promised that the road will soon become a state highway on December 26, 2013. But after winning Lok Sabha elections, the promise was not kept. Max Muncy Womens Jersey

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