• Amritsar gets first Piped Natural Gas connection for domestic cooking

    In a major revolution in cooking fuel, Amritsar’s first Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection was commissioned in village Fateghpur Rajputan on Monday which will be followed by another one hundred PNG connections in the village in near future.

    The PNG connection has been installed in the house of Balbir Singh by Gujarat Gas Limited after commissioning of three online CNG stations which will ensure availability of round the clock natural gas to the consumers thus giving them freedom from hassle of booking and waiting for refilling Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders.

    Sources informed that the development of similar kind of pipeline network was already in progress at Circular road, Majitha road, Ranjit Avenue and Cantonment Board of Amritsar where PNG connections would be provided in near future.

    However, sources informed that the PNG connections in the Beas city, Mehta village, Nava Pind and Baba Bakala would reach in one year. “Necessary applications for the permission to lay pipeline are made with various authorities and work will be started once permission is granted,” said sources.

    Thrilled to have first PNG connection in Amritsar, Balbir Singh said that he was told that PNG would come out to be at least thirty percent cheaper than LPG. “I will see when the first bill comes” he said adding that he was satisfied with the safety measures.

    PNG is Methane gas which is a natural one having least ratio of carbon hence it burns almost completely thus making it environment-friendly. It is supplied to the consumer through mild steel and polyethylene pipelines. PNG is 200 times lesser than gas supplied through cylinders and in case of any leakage; it will instantaneously mix with air and evaporate whereas the traditional fuel LPG is heavier than air and in case of any leakage it settle down in the surroundings posing higher chances of a fire from the cylinder.

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