• Airports to be ranked on passenger feedback

    Passengers’ rants or raves about services provided at India’s major airports could soon actually make an impact with the airports’ economic regulator putting in place a new system to monitor the ground operations and service standards.

    The carrot for the airport operators: those with high ratings for services could get to charge higher tariffs as an incentive.

    The Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) that came into existence in 2008, has so far been focused on its responsibility of setting airport tariffs, but will now assess their performance on the ground for 16 major airports as well.

    The regulator will rate airports based on parameters such as cost efficiency, entry time, security clearance, check-in and boarding facility, among other services at airports. A critical component of the rating would be passenger feedback.

    “As a part of our mandate, we have a major item we have not looked at so far which is setting and monitoring performance standards of airports. We want to make airports attractive and efficient and plan to monitor the service levels of airports,” AERA Chairman S Machendranathan said. Josh Bynes Womens Jersey

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