• Airport devpt: Collector seeks legal opinion on FRA certificate

    The district collector has sought the opinion of legal experts on whether a Forest Rights Act certificate (FRA) is necessary to acquire land for the airport’s expansion.
    The project office of the integrated tribal development agency had said that the FRA certification is not necessary for the pending airport proposal.
    The airport needs some 10 hectares of forest land from Gadmudshingi village. Before its acquisition, a certificate is necessary to ascertain that no violations have been committed under the act. The agency had said that as there have been no such cases, the FRA certificate is not necessary.
    District collector Amit Saini, who also heads the district aviation committee set up to clearing the pending issues of the airport, however has sought legal opinion to clarify the issue.
    “I need legal opinion because it is a tricky issue and I need to check all sides before going ahead for commencement of the airport. Generally, the state commissioner for tribal development issues a certificate regarding Forest Rights Act violations. In Kolhapur’s case, I need to check whether the certificate from the agency would be sufficient. If yes, then we can go ahead and speed up the procedure of land acquisition. If I need to obtain a certificate from the tribal commissioner, I will have to initiate communication accordingly,” Saini said. Patrick Mahomes II Jersey

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