• AirAsia sees 10% growth annually

    After a strong showing in earnings in the second quarter, AirAsia group boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes says the airline can grow by 10% every year despite operating in a competitive environment.

    He is looking at a 10% growth in available seat kilometre (ASK) every year for the next few years.

    ASK is a measure of an airline flight’s passenger carrying capacity, basically the number of seats available multiplied by the number of miles or kilometres flown.

    The airline is taking delivery of several aircraft over the next few years and it will be able to add capacity to grow. As it is, group wide, it has 180 aircraft in operation.

    “We will start growing aggressively in the next few years and will add 10% ASK. If we add 10% capacity, the growth will be 10%,” he says.

    Group wide, he expects the airline to carry 60 million passengers this year. Nolan Ryan Womens Jersey

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