• Air India wants its ground staff with flying licence to become pilots

    Air India is giving its ground staff and crew a chance to become pilots with the airline, a Hindustan Times report said. Air India said it wants to give an opportunity to several of its ground staff that hold commercial pilots’ licences (CPL) but were forced into other jobs due to a slowdown in the Indian aviation industry which led to an indefinite freeze on recruitment.

    Many young Indian pilots were rendered jobless and were forced to take up maintenance or ground operations jobs, or even change their careers because of the slowdown in the aviation industry that was caused by the fall of Kingfisher Airlines and other domestic airlines. The situation seems to be improving slightly now in the domestic arena, and Air India wants to cash in on the tide and give its in-house CPL holders to get a chance to fly its planes first.
    The report says that all the eligible Air India employees will have to clear all the tests before getting a chance to become a pilot, like all the regular candidates. The tests will begin on July 2.

    “We want to provide an opportunity to our in-house candidates to realise their dream of becoming a pilot,” Air India chairman and managing director Ashwani Lohani was quoted as saying in the report. Evan Fournier Womens Jersey

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