• AAI to construct 170 parking bays as airlines look to import more aircraft

    The Airports Authority of India is to build 170 aircraft parking bays and six hangars at the airports that it runs in the country.

    The exact number of parking bays and the airports they will come up in will be decided soon, a senior AAI official told BusinessLine. It is likely that the construction of the aircraft parking bays will not include the airports at the four metros — Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Technically speaking, these airports are no longer with AAI but are run as joint ventures with the private sector.

    The construction of the parking bays will allow airlines to park their aircraft late at night at these airports and possibly start early morning flights from these airports thus helping airlines to utilise their aircraft better.

    The move to construct more parking stands is being taken up to accommodate close to 400 aircraft that airlines in India plan to import over the next few years. Joining the list of airlines which will require space for parking their aircraft is SpiceJet, which earlier this month signed an agreement with Boeing to import 200 aircraft.

    Delivery of aircraft
    The delivery of the SpiceJet aircraft is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018. A few days before SpiceJet, GoAir had announced that it had signed up for 72 Airbus 320 New Engine Option aircraft taking the total number of such aircraft that the airline will be inducting to 144. Myles Jack Womens Jersey

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