• AAI simplifies NOC norms for buildings

    The city Corporation has been authorised to issue building permits for constructions in 20-km radius of the Thiruvananthapuram international airport for the ‘approved levels’ that figure in the Colour Coded Zoning Map (CCZM) of the city rolled out by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

    Henceforth, No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the AAI is not needed for constructions in the approved levels of CCZM. The AAI has also eased the procedures for getting NOC for undertaking constructions in the 20 km radius.

    At present, for any construction within the 20 km radius of the airport, NOC is to be obtained from the AAI to assess whether the construction affects aircraft operation in Thiruvananthapuram airport as well as the overflying aircrafts.

    The CCZM, through different colour-coded grids, indicates the permissible top elevation in the areas around the airport. The officials of the civic body can verify the status of the building site in the CCZM and can issue the building permit. John Hannah Womens Jersey

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