• 43 more airports to see regular flights: Jayant Sinha

    43 more airports in India will see regular flights, says Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha.

    He was addressing a press conference after regional air services bidding process started. Soon 118 airports will see regular flights from 75 at present.

    “Hope to have first regional flight in February as several airports like Jaisalmer and Coochbihar are ‘ready to go’,” the Minister said. He termed the Government’s move to make regional flying cheaper in regional areas as a ‘game changer’. 16 airports in South India, 32 in Western India, 21 in north, 12 in east and 11 in north-eastern regions are proposed to be connected under the regional air connectivity scheme.

    The bids for routes will be decided by February 3. Joffrey Lupul Womens Jersey

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