• 24×7 power supply by 2019 : MSPCL

    The Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) has prepared a vision document for providing 24×7 power for all by 2019 . The expected accumulated transmission capacity of the state by 2019 will increase manifold within the next few years said N Sarat Singh, MD MSPCL during a press conference held here today at DIPR organized by DIPR.
    MSPCL has reached out to all corners of the State and may not require to create additional infra structure for the next two decades. In pursuance of Electricity Act, 2003, the erstwhile Electricity Department, Government of Manipur was unbundled and Corporatized into two State owned functionally independent successor entities i.e. (i) Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) as deemed transmission licensee and (ii) Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) as the deemed distribution licensee respectively w.e.f. the 1st of February, 2014 .
    Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) is responsible for wheeling of available power through Bulk Power Purchase Agreement, Medium Term & Short Term Open Access in the intrastate grid of 33 KV and Manipur has no meaningful own generation and entirely depends on the share allocation from Central Sector Generating Stations (CSGS) .
    Earlier Manipur suffered a lot during dry season in power supply management with allocated share of 30/40 MW against a requirement of 100 MW during day time in lean period.
    Further, due to constraints in the Interstate Transmission line of Dimapur – Imphal ; Leimatak – Imphal 132 KV line State’s drawal was always restricted to 100/110 MW leading to regular load shedding in the State. Now with the allocation of 24×7 base load of 42 MW from Pallatana Power Plant w.e.f 4.1.2014 and 19 MW from the first Unit of Bongaigaon Thermal Power Plant from April 4, 2016, power supply scenario in Manipur has changed drastically.
    As of today, during monsoon, allocated share of power is around 200 MW and with the installation of prepaid meters the actual demand of the State during peak hour has come down to 150/160 MW. Thus, the State has become sufficient with the allocation made so far except during lean period which can be managed through Power Banking or other mechanism.
    Electricity Department had taken a key role for the construction of 400 KV D/C line from Silchar to Imphal, initially charged at 132 KV voltage against the NER constituent States’ insistence for construction of 220 KV D/C line as an Associated Transmission System (ATS) of 726.6 MW Pallatana Power Plant and 750 MW Thermal Power Plant at Bongaigaon and installation of 2×50 MVA, 132/33 KV Sub-Station at Imphal (PG) under system strengthening scheme for the above.
    The commissioning of 400 KV Silchar – Imphal D/C line charged at 132 KV, on March 15, 2015 created a new era for the State as the inter-State Available Transmission Capacity(ATC) has been enhanced considerably and load shedding has become a past history.
    Government of Manipur joined the JV Company ie the North East Transmission Company Ltd (NETC) formed for the construction of 650 Kms long 400 KV D/C trunk line from Pallatana – Silchar – Bongaigaon with equity share of 6% , and contributed Rs 24.681 crore. The trunk line is used as Associated Transmission System (ATS) for evacuation of allocated shares of all beneficiary States including Manipur from the power projects at Pallatana and Bongaigaon.
    MSPCL has received Rs 7,40,52,000/- as dividend for the year 2014-15 and dividend for 2015-16 is expected anytime. During the past six years MSPCL has added 306 MVA, 302 MVA in 132 KV, 33 KV transmission systems respectively. There are now 12, 132 33 KV stations, 74, 33/11 KV stations, There are 537 km of 132 KV.
    The 18th Electric Power Survey of Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power, Government of India, forecasted requirement of 428 MW in 2019- 2020 and MSPCL has taken up action plan for placement of appropriate infrastructure at different load centres of the State including adoption of higher transmission voltage of 400 KV system. Manipur has created a new history in transmission system with first time construction of 4×105 MVA, 400/132 KV sub-station with single phase transformer including one spare at Thoubal and it is targeted to be commissioned within this year, quite ahead of scheduled time of completion.
    The 4th Standing Committee Meeting on Power System Planning in NER held at Guwahati on December 13, 2014 had approved upgradation of 2×50 MVA 132/33 KV sub-station at Imphal (PG) to 7×105 MVA, 400/132 KV sub-station with single phase transformer including one spare as North Eastern Regional System Strengthening Scheme – IV (NERSS –IV). And the 5th Standing Committee Meeting on Power System Planning in NER held at Imphal on August 8, 2015 had agreed to provide space for two 400 KV bays at Imphal (PG) to be built by MSPCL.
    The 5th Standing Committee Meeting on Power System Planning in NER also agreed to the extension of 400 KV D/C line from Imphal (PG) – New Kohima to Misa via New Mariani as NERSS – VI. This may ensure stability and reliability in the entire region in the power supply system from the 400 KV D/C ring main system comprising of Misa – Balipara –Bongaigaon – Azara -Byrnihat -Silchar-Imphal- New Kohima-Mariani- Misa.
    MSPCL has taken up the construction of five 132/33 KV sub- stations at Tipaimukh (2×12.5 MVA), Elangkhangpokpi (2×20 MVA), Thanlon (2×12.5 MVA), Moreh (2×12.5 MVA) and Thoubal (2×20 MVA). Another 19 33/11 kV sub-stations with the installed capacity of 123 MVA is also being taken up in different load centres of the State. Leimatak – Ningthoukhong 132 KV 2nd Circuit D/C line and third 132 KV Imphal (PG) – Impha(State) line is also taken up to avoid overloading in the transmission system as indicated in the load flow study.
    Initiative taken up for expansion of 132 KV system infrastructure to the remotest corners like Thanlon and Tipaimukh at high cost is to deliver good quality and reliable power with good voltage regulation.
    Renovation and Modernisation of six old 132 KV sub-stations at Yurembam, Yaingangpokpi, Ningthou-khong, Kakching, Chura- chandpur and Karong have been taken up. Installation of two new 132/33 KV sub-stations at Gamphazol (2x20MVA) & Tamenglong (2×20 MVA), augmentation of four existing 132/33 kV sub-station by additional 20 MVA each, construction of thirteen new 33/11 KV substations of 131.5 MVA, augmentation of existing 33/11 KV sub-stations with additional capacity143.5 MVA are planned.
    For evacuation of power from 2×50 MVA, 132/33 KV sub-stations at Imphal (PG), MSPCL has completed the construction of the multi-circuit 33 KV lines (4 nos.)to 33 KV bus of 132/33 kV sub-station at Yurembam. This will ensure flexibility of power supply to Imphal and its adjoining areas to the tune of 100 MVA either from 132/33 kV Sub-station at Yurembam(State) or 2×50 MVA 132/33 KV sub-station at Imphal PG.
    A State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) facility is coming up at Yurembam which would enable real time management of power supply including scheduling & dispatch of power in the State. PGCIL has also taken up the work for providing communication link of 365 km OPGW to main control centre at SLDC, Manipur for voice data communication & energy management system. The SLDC, Manipur will link intra-State and inter-State 132 KV grid and this will further link to NERLDC at Shillong. MSPCL has also planned to take up a project for integration of eighty one 33 KV sub-stations (including newly planned sub-station) to main Control Center at SLDC, Manipur with an extensive network of Fiber Optic Cable which includes 1366 km of ADSS and 30 km of OPGW. Spare Optical Fibers available may be leased out to telecom service provider for connecting all corner of the State and this provides MSPCL with an opportunity to earn recurring revenue on it.
    Ng Sarat Singh, ED (Tech), N. Dwijen Singh, ED (G &C), Ng Birjit Singh, OSD (Trans) and Varun Irengbam, Dy. Manager also attended. Daryl Williams Authentic Jersey

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