Workshop on GIS Implementation in City Gas Distribution Network (CGDN) System



Science and Technology Park, Pune and Diligentia Advisor Pvt. Limited as a capacity building initiative is organizing two day's workshop on GIS Implementation in City Gas Distribution Network (CGDN) System on 6th and 7th February, 2017 at New Delhi.

The workshop is designed to discuss challenges implementing agencies face while integrating and implementing GIS as a mandatory effort under Digital India Program Initiative of the Government of India under PNGRB umbrella. The workshop tries to bring together concepts of Geographic Information Science at par to the skilled manpower of implementing CGND agencies. Further this program shall help to bridge the gap between highly skilled resources in the Oil and Gas Sector to cardinal requirements of GI Science.

The workshop shall detail, methodology generally adopted for GIS Implementation for City Gas Distribution Network System. It shall further stress on certain fundamentals of GIS which is required by the middle and senior management level officers for understanding proper and robust implementation of the system. Dedicated session in the workshop shall stress upon spatial database handling and how geospatial analysis shall help in tracking pipeline or gas asset. The GIS platform created will also enable decision makers to take decisions on a digital device by viewing and querying the spatial spread of entire Gas network and its assets. A session has been kept on the first day which will speak out the challenges CGD companies are facing while implementing GIS or adapting to the GI System and remedies to overcome such situations.

During implementation of GIS the first challenge a CGDN faces is procurement of satellite images and its processing. A session has been introduced related to standard procedures adopted in India for procurement and processing of satellite images.Science and Technology Park, Pune has implemented GIS based proof of concept for CGDN and has now converted into a full-fledged independent Web GIS system called (Go PRP) Gas on Proprietary Resource Planning. This has the power to incorporate and display the gas assets and pipelines on a spatial domain through simple Web GIS Platform.

The application developed has basic GIS functionalities of displaying different assets based upon their non-spatial attribute data through style layer descriptor (SLD). Apart from display of on web platform users are able to fire query through simple query tools and fetch results both in excel and map format. The entire application developed has a powerful Editor module helping editors to update records as and when required. The Application has a Network Connectivity Check Module which also looks into the gas flow direction along with checking the connectivity of assets with the gas pipeline. Analysis for outage management is also planned in the application. The entire application is responsive and has the potential to connect to Mobile devices for field based functioning and reporting especially during emergency. Certain live cases shall be showcased for better understanding of the application.

The cost effectiveness of GO PRP is its USP as it contains all basic GIS tools to view, pan zoom, analyze and query data linked to GIS. It enables novice users to handle application effectively and make simple and fast decision making on a web enabled system.