Second Annual Gas Summit 2016


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The Indian economy presently is believed to have established itself on a healthy growth path and this would increase going forward the energy consumption in the country. This increase in consumption is expected to be supplemented by an alteration in the primary energy mix of India on account of the substitution of oil by natural gas. The share of natural gas in the energy mix of India is expected to increase to 20% in 2025 as compared to 11% in 20101.

However, given that all the plans for expansion in natural gas supply in the country with the help of additional RLNG terminals, nation wide transmission pipeline network and transnational pipelines are expected to materialize by 2025, it is envisaged that the share of natural gas in the primary energy mix would reach 20% till 2030 if not more.

In recent years the demand for natural gas in India has increased significantly due to its higher availability, development of transmission and distribution infrastructure, the savings from the usage of natural gas in place of alternate fuels, the environment friendly characteristics of natural gas as a fuel and the overall favourable economics of supplying gas at reasonable prices to end consumers.Power and Fertilizer sector remain the two biggest contributors to natural gas demand in India and continue to account for more than 55% of gas consumption.

Today, the natural gas sector is at the threshold of rapid growth in India supported by ever increasing demand for natural gas in the country, increased exploration efforts under NELP, commissioning of the LNG import terminals in the West Coast, projected upcoming LNG terminals and the Government's initiatives in the direction of development of a nation-wide natural gas pipeline grid. However, there is a need to provide a proactive enabling environment to support the fast-paced development of natural gas infrastructure. An enabling environment includes providing desired policy support and the correct pricing signals for investment in the sector, reforming the present set of regulations to adopt to changing needs and making them more robust and addressing the distortions in the fiscal regime applicable for natural gas. Thus in order to address various concerns and the shape of things that are likely to emerge in the next few years.

Diligentia Services is organising its Second Annual Gas Summit with experts drawn from various fields to deliberate upon the key issues and developments and review the road map for the growth of gas industry in India as the epicentre.