Conference On Oil And Gas Exploration & Production Industry


Considering the widening gap between supply and availability from indigenous sources there is a need for increased emphasis to be given to the exploration and production sector from the present emphasis laid on it. For this purpose, there is a requirement of continued exploration in producing basins and also aggressively pursued extensive exploration in non-producing and frontier basins for new discoveries. The need of the hour is to keep pace with technological advancements and applications and be at the technological forefront in the global exploration and production industry so as to benefit with maximum output from minimum reserves.

India has total reserves (proved & indicated) of 760 million metric tonnes of crude oil and 1330 billion cubic metres of natural gas. The total number of exploratory and development wells and metreage drilled in onshore and offshore areas during 2011-12 was 756 and 1631 thousand metres respectively. Despite having such huge reserves, we are unable to meet the ever increasing energy demand of the country.

Also, the Hydrocarbon Vision 2025 aims at 100 per cent exploration coverage of sedimentary basins by 2025, but to achieve this we should scale up our exploration efforts to move 50 per cent of the sedimentary basin to the "moderate-to-well explored" category in the next five years . Thus, it can be achieved by providing an enabling policy framework and fiscal terms that are clear, certain and internationally competitive to attract the risk capital and technology, by establishing Open Area Licensing Policy (OALP) regime swiftly to enable industry to move rapidly to explore attractive blocks rather than waiting for bid rounds and revamping regulatory framework to global standards.
For this purpose, Diligentia is coming up with the First Annual Conference on Exploration & Production Technologies with aim to present the best global practices and innovative technologies for enhanced exploration at greater depths; drilling and increased well production; comprehensive approaches to development of oil gas and condensate fields; enhanced oil and condensate recovery. It will cover all major issues, challenges & opportunities in the area of hydrocarbon exploration and production. This includes new methods and technology for well drilling and survey, prospecting, exploration, development of oil and gas fields, as well as enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and also tapping unconventional sources of natural gas like shale gas, coal bed methane, natural gas hydrates, underground coal gassification etc.
There will also be a focus on environmental protection and safety in sophisticated process operations. The event will provide attendees with the opportunity to network with leading specialists, learn from the experiences of others in improving operational efficiency of oil and gas fields, discuss topical issues, as well as gaining in-depth evaluations.