Evolution of E-commerce in India

India, rising economic superpower and the third biggest internet market in term of clients, has opened up enormous opportunities for the development of e-commerce. Through the decades, India has seen a great transformation in this market from print literate workforce to the telephone, radio, television to Internet communication and mobile phone applications.

While in countries like China and US, e-commerce has taken significant strides to accomplish sales of over 150 billion USD in revenue, the industry in India is, still at its outset. However, the sector has witnessed the growth of almost 35% in 2014.


To see the boom in the industry, more organizations in India are joining the digital market bandwagon nowadays. The immense adoption of internet with the rising literacy rate in India has raised the development of e-Commerce in the Country.

E-commerce is most likely the best thing that has happened to the middle class population with higher ambitions and lesser time. Not only it appeals to middle class, e-commerce advances both quality-minded Indian consumer as well as small entrepreneurs. Around the world, e-commerce has gotten a deal chasing– which is quite beneficial for the middle-classes. The huge adoption rates of Snapdeal and Flipkart have proved that in India, e-commerce will go far.

Currently, Indian customers are driving e-commerce through online shopping by buying electronics, clothes and books. But, if we look at business transactions, it’s the online ticket booking, which is driving the e-commerce adoption. Though, other segments such as classifieds, matrimonial, jobs all are making good progress.
Given the E-business scenario, there has been an enduring climb in the number of organizations choosing on e-commerce in recent years. Even the major portals are moving towards e-commerce as opposed to depending on the web promoting.

Also the list covers a wide show of services and products from picture tickets to gadgets. In this way, e-commerce India is perpetually developing and is a shelter to buyers, e-business people, online advertisers and retailers.