Energy Sustainability & City Gas - LNG the Game Changer


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Natural gas has been the mainstay of an environmentally friendly energy source driving the economic growth in many parts of the world and shall be the preferred fuel for decades into the future. Liquefied Natural Gas-LNG-delivers cleaner-burning natural gas from remote production areas to distant markets where additional imported supplies are needed. The LNG industry is becoming increasingly global and is starting to link regional markets in Asia, Europe and North America with multiple supply options. Both suppliers and customers benefit from these developments, which are providing a wide choice of sales/supply options ranging from traditional long-term contracts to shorter term and spot arrangements to meet evolving customer and supplier needs.

In India the Gas sector continues to struggle between the chasm emerging from the lack of infrastructure and the volatility of the Regulations in the backdrop of stated policy intent to increase the share of Natural Gas from the current 6% to 15% in 2030. How far the road to superior and sustainable energy mix can be achieved is a lot dependent on the preparatory in place to steer the demand growth and the infrastructure required for the same. In this vein Diligentia proposes to focus on the challenges in the Gas sector and how developments in LNG domain can help leap frog towards the objective. Thus in order to address various concerns and the shape of things that are likely to emerge in the next few years, Diligentia Services is organising this Conference with experts drawn from various fields to deliberate upon the key issues and developments and review the road map for the growth of gas industry in India and how developments in LNG domain can help leap frog towards the objective. A full day conference is planned to bring out the various facets of increasing commoditization of LNG given the possibility of another 30 mt of additional LNG supply entering the global market in 2019.

The summit provides an excellent opportunity for interaction & networking with the national and international experts and discussions among major stakeholders.

Fee structure:

The standard registration fee is INR 19,500/ per delegate +18%GST. There is also a 10% team discount for a group of 3 executives from the same company, 15% discount on a group of 5 and 20% discount on a group of 7 or more.