Drone Delivery: Now a reality in India

The Indian online retail segment is all set to witness an amazing change in its delivery system. Going by the current buzzword in the industry, Drones are slated to make its entry into the Indian retail sector. For starters, Drones are miniature aircrafts flown without a pilot and operated by remote controls, mostly used to deliver lesser weighing shipments.

Going by the grapevine, India will be the launch-pad for Amazon’s plan to deliver packages using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles. The US-based e-tailer will debut its drone delivery service with trials in Mumbai and Bangalore, where it has warehouses.

Amazon said it is developing vehicles that weigh less than 25 kg and travel at over 80 kmph and also emphasized that the drone will carry a payload of up to 2.26 kg, which covers 86% of products sold on Amazon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos first announced the company’s drone delivery ambitions back in December 2013, which would let customers, receive packages in as little as 30 minutes.

Drone delivery is not only a way to minimize expenses such as gas, cars and drivers, but it also is a way to attract customer’s attention and popularize the merchant.

As per an ET report, Amazon will reportedly start testing its drones in India as soon as October. What would be interesting to see is the way how people will react to this kind of delivery system; nevertheless, the news is already spreading like wild fire and customers are waiting in anticipation to see baby aircrafts delivery their products on their doorstep and in lesser time than usual. Thus, along with crackers, one can see goodies in the sky this Diwali in India.