Conference on Gas Sourcing in India


The consumption of natural gas in India is expected to increase by more than three-folds until 2030. Besides, the countries across the globe are turning towards LNG as they have recognised the many advantages that it has in reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality and making transportation easier and accessible .The future of LNG remains strong, especially for medium to long-term demands and expectations. India’s consumption is expected to nearly double by 2024 from 2018 imports due to economic expansion, declining domestic reserves and the government's determination to expand the share of natural gas in the country's energy mix to 15% by 2030 from 6% now. As the industry looks to overcome the economic recovery, stimulate market demand and drive new investment opportunities in infrastructure development and innovative solutions to decarbonise natural gas, Diligentia invites you to become a pivotal part of the solution with a landmark event in the energy industry’s calendar, and the meeting place for the Gas, LNG and low-carbon solutions energy value chain, We are proud to announce our 8th Annual LNG Summit & Expo 2022 in Hotel Le-Meridien ,New Delhi on 26th August. The Summit will provide ample space for exhibitors to showcase the value that they can bring to the industry. Conference attendees can look forward to hearing from industry stalwarts as speakers in sessions covering the latest commercial and technical developments as well as insights from ministry, CEOs and policymakers. They will lead the debate and convey their unique perspectives on the state of the energy industry and ambitions on how it will evolve over the coming decades. The Summit will offer an exceptional networking and learning experience which will assist you in achieving your business goals.

The conference will address to the Natural Gas Producers & buyers ,LNG Suppliers & buyers, E&P players, pipeline Operators, CGD Players, Equipment & technology providers, Trading companies, Government and Regulatory Bodies, Fertilizer, Power, Steel/Petchem producers, other industrial users , financial institutes ,Consulting and legal firms etc. The focus of the summit would be on key issues and developments covering inter-alia

Fee-The Participation Fee per participant is INR 19,500 +GST.