Conference on Solar Power: Building Low Carbon India Economy



The Union Budget for 2015-16 has given major stimulus to solar energy generation by rendering high priority to this sector, The Ministry of New Renewable Energy has revised its target of renewable energy capacity to 175,000 MW till 2022, comprising 100,000 MW Solar, 60,000 MW Wind, 10,000 MW Biomass and 5,000 MW Small Hydro. The solar energy market in India has started picking pace due to supportive government policies and ability of solar energy to be used for various applications other than generating electricity. Being a tropical country India receives solar radiation with average intensity of 200 MW/Km2 with 250-300 sunny days in a year. As per government estimates, India receives 5,000 trillion kWh per year, with most parts of the country receiving 4-7 kWh per square metre per day. This provides huge opportunities for India to use solar energy for meeting the power demand from its burgeoning economy.

The Solar Energy Corporation of India envisages tremendous potential emerging in India in many ways utilising true potential of its renewable resources and it is good to start recognising and working upon them. With this conference inviting industry thought leaders we wish to tap these Emerging Opportunities in Solar like Solar Park, Solar Cities, Smart Cities, Mini & Micro grids, Commercial rooftops etc. The conference intends to understand these trends from the changer drivers so that our distinguished participants can harness the potential as early movers with deep understanding on the challenges ahead.