Conference on Small Scale LNG Market in India 2021


Conference on Small Scale LNG Market in India 2021

Asia-Pacific in recent years has been a pioneer in the implementation of small-scale LNG projects across the globe. Interest in the use of small-scale LNG (SSLNG) has increased in recent years, as the demand for natural gas continues to increase in countries like China, India, Singapore, Japan, and others. While in India, small-scale LNG is in its very nascent stage. As of 2020, there were no small-scale LNG terminals in the country. However, there are a few LNG stations for which LNG transportation through LNG trucks is taking place. With the intention of increasing the share of natural gas to 15% in its energy mix by 2030, India is likely to construct small-scale LNG facilities for natural gas supply to remote places with no pipeline infrastructure.​ Small-scale LNG is advantageous for consumers who are unable to procure gas at economical prices from CGDs. It could serve users with fluctuating needs – such as large construction sites, mines and quarries – and will be essential for supplying natural gas to the many LNG vehicle refuelling stations being planned across India. Thus In order to address all the challenges associated with ssLNG including the possibility of transport disruptions, the limited volume of gas that can be supplied, and the costs of retrofitting or re-engineering the equipment. These issues can be addressed by sound system design, resource management and policy support. Thus in this vane Diligentia is coming up with its Conference on Small Scale LNG 2021 on 12th October 2021 in Hotel Le Meridien to bring out the various facets LNG, its challenges, need of the hour and way forward .The industry experts will be sharing their experiences (Case studies) and approaches to ensure the effectiveness of LNG practices, especially when it comes to scaled-down operations. This is a challenging as well as exciting time to be part of the industry to witness its opportunities of growth and developments that governments, industry leaders, and businesses are focusing on.

Topics of Discussion

  • Regulatory Framework - DSF Policy of Govt. and related opportunity for SSLNG through limited volumes of gas available in stranded gas assets in India
  • The new and upcoming opportunities in the SSLNG Sector
  • SSLNG Infrastructure
  • Technology innovation for cost optimization and making SSLNG competitive vis a vis pipeline gas
  • New GA’s for city gas beyond existing and planned pipeline infrastructure and role of SSLNG in rollout of CGD in such remote locations