Conference on Gas Sourcing in India


Conference on Green Hydrogen

In recent years the demand for natural gas in India has increased significantly due to its higher availability, development of transmission and distribution infrastructure, the savings from the usage of natural gas in place of alternate fuels, the environment friendly characteristics of natural gas as a fuel and the overall favourable economics of supplying gas at reasonable prices to end consumers. India requires a sustained supply of energy to support its ambitious growth and welfare targets for the coming years. A study by the government think tank, NITI Aayog projects says that India’s energy consumption will reach 2,300 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) by 2047, of which natural gas will contribute 173 mtoe under the determined effect scenario. Natural gas is a clean fuel that has wide-ranging utility in the energy and non-energy sectors. It can be used for power generation, city gas distribution (CGD) to support domestic activities, as an alternative fuel for the transportation sector, fertiliser and petrochemical industries and in certain other industries. However, there is a need to provide a proactive enabling environment to support the fast-paced development of natural gas infrastructure. An enabling environment includes providing desired policy support and the correct pricing signals for investment in the sector, reforming the present set of regulations to adopt to changing needs and making them more robust and addressing the distortions in the fiscal regime applicable for natural gas. Thus in order to address various concerns and the shape of things that are likely to emerge in the next few years, Diligentia Advisors is organising its Conference on Gas Sourcing in India scheduled to be held on 14th June 2022 in Hotel Le-Meridian, New Delhi.With experts drawn from various fields to deliberate upon the key issues and developments and review the road map for the growth of Gas industry in India as the epicentre. The summit provides an excellent opportunity for interaction & listening to the views of the national and international experts and discussions among major stakeholders.

The conference will address to the Natural Gas Producers & buyers ,LNG Suppliers & buyers, E&P players, pipeline Operators, CGD Players, Equipment & technology providers, Trading companies, Government and Regulatory Bodies, Fertilizer, Power, Steel/Petchem producers, other industrial users , financial institutes ,Consulting and legal firms etc.

The focus of the summit would be on key issues and developments covering inter-alia:

Natural Gas and its Usage

  • Power Generation –Present status and future outlook
  • CGD to support domestic activities- Challenges faced due to high Domestic Gas price/ LNG.
  • Future Outlook and strategy when Domestic gas will decrease and rely on LNG for Transport
  • Alternative fuel for transportation Sector- EV, Hydrogen
  • Fertilizer Sector- Burden on government for subsidy on higher prices, will there be any cap on subsidy, challenges faced by Fertiliser sector, Price sensitivity of LNG vs Alternate fuel
  • Demand outlook// LNG vs alternate fuel// Price sensitivity in the following
    • Petrochemical Sector
    • Refinery Sector
    • Other Industries like Steel / Ceramics

Fee - The Participation Fee per participant is INR 15,500 +GST .