Conference On E- Commerce in India- Strategies of Survival in the competitiveness


E-Commerce The e-commerce industry in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth with diverse offerings at disposal in a very short span of time. According to an October report by Gartner, an American Information Technology Research and Advisory Firm, ecommerce in India is likely to cross $6 Billion in revenues by 2015, recording a 70% increase from a year ago. About 8 Million people were shopping online in 2012, and the number this year has grown to 35 Million. By 2016, the online shopper base will grow almost three times to 100 Million, and over half of the new buyers would be from Tier I and Tier II cities. This makes India one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets in Asia-Pacific region. Continuing on the strong growth momentum the e-commerce industry is estimated to see a 67 per cent increase in the average annual spending on online purchases per individual in 2015, to Rs 10,000 from Rs 6,000 in 2014, the study said.

Shopping online has become a trend in India and the sole reason behind the adoption of this technique lies in the attractive online websites, user friendly interface, bulky online stores with new fashion, easy payment methods (i.e. secure pay online via gateways like PayPal or cash-on-delivery), no bound on quantity & quality, one can choose the items based on size, color, price, etc. Despite the advantages of e business in India, there are certain challenges faced by the industry such as logistics and supply chain, Payment gateway failure, Cash based transactions etc. Diligentia Services is thus, organising a full day Conference on E-Commerce opportunities in India to deliberate on the highlighted issues, and many other issues which has significance in altering the growth of ecommerce industry.