Conference on CGD –Innovative Technologies & Solutions


India is rapidly transforming into a gas-based economy by increasing the share of natural gas in the energy mix from 6 percent in 2019 to 15 percent by 2030, with Rs 1.2 trillion of investments in the city gas distribution (CGD) sector. The varied challenges faced by the CGD sector such as high operating costs due to aging assets, customer dissatisfaction due to costly and intrusive pipes, and third-party damage to pipes and faulty meters created the need to adopt digital solutions. The ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolu­tion further catalyzed digitalization. The revolution is influencing all sectors via digital interventions such as big data and analytics, drones, in­dustrial networking, additive manufacturing, auto­nomous robots, and smart sensors. Hence, the digitalization of the CGD network will help overcome these challenges and address the rising demand. Digitalization is one of the key emerging trends transforming the entire CGD sector. From demand management to improving operational resilience, from remote condition monitoring to real-time customer communication, new technologies and data analytics enable companies to achieve specific business goals, while simultaneously maximizing efficiency.

Conference attendees can look forward to hearing from industry stalwarts as speakers in sessions covering the latest technological developments as well as insights from ministries, CEOs, and policymakers. They will lead the debate and convey their unique perspectives on the state of the energy industry and ambitions on how it will evolve over the coming decades. The Summit will offer an exceptional networking and learning experience which will assist you in achieving your business goals. Considering your products and services, I believe It would be of great business value to exhibit at this summit to increase your visibility and increase your networking opportunities with the Natural Gas Producers & buyers, LNG Suppliers & buyers, E&P players, pipeline Operators, CGD Players, Equipment & technology providers, Trading companies, Government and Regulatory Bodies, Safety Companies, Survey Agencies, Inspection Companies other industrial users, financial institutes, Consulting and legal firms, etc.

Key Areas of deliberation

  • Managing Operations
  • Metering- New Technologies and Emerging Requirements
  • Digitalisation in Asset Management -Role of Automation and Instrumentation
  • New Equipments - flow sensors, smart and compact compressors & dispensers, cascade systems
  • Data Management and Cyber security