Conference on Biofuels- Working Towards A Sustainable Energy Future


Focus on Energy Transition has rightly and timely brought attention to the proliferation of multi-fuels within the clean energy mix. This has brought the much-needed focus on Biofuels as well. Major biofuels include biodiesel, ethanol, and renewable diesel. Biogas is also picking up in India with major interest from policymakers.

With a view of moving away from major fossil fuels, majorly Coal and Oil, and with the onboarding of 19 countries and 12 organizations that include Multilaterals; the Global Biofuel Alliance (GBA) has been launched by India during the recently concluded G20 event. Countries such as Brazil, the USA, and India, which account for 85% of Ethanol production are expected to lead this newly formed Alliance. The entire world aims to accelerate the initiatives and achievements towards meeting the carbon neutral targets, as such the GBA will facilitate towards ensuring affordability, accessibility, knowledge sharing, diversification of biofuel feedstock sourcing, technology advancement, infrastructure creation, capability building, and job creation at the global level.

Within the ambit of Biofuels, Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) is all set to take off at a large scale. Major OMC and CGD companies have taken the plunge in CBG.. The feedstocks for CBG plants will include agro-industrial waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), and vegetable and food waste. Investments and project participation in JV mode by various players have the potential to bring the best synergies in terms of technology, funding, land allocation, and risk sharing.

To promote the growth of CBG, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has notified the inclusion of CBG projects under Priority Sector Lending. MNRE has notified Central Financial Assistance (CFA) for the CBG plant under the Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) scheme. Following this, various state-run banks have launched financing products specific to CBG plants. As of date in FY 2023-34, there are 2189 active LoIs, which include 48 commissioned CBG plants that have contributed 2,804 tons of CBG. The off-takers of CBG include OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) and GMCs (Gas Marketing Companies).

Above all, the long-term success of Biofuels in India will depend upon stakeholder consultation, policy support, upscaled participation from public and private sector players, financing support, and skill development. It would not be an overstatement that global orientation towards the success of Biofuel adoption and meaningful alliances will play a major role in ensuring the success of the Biofuel story.

To further promote stakeholder interactions and to learn from the key Government departments promoting awareness and education around Biofuels. Diligentia is organizing a one-day Conference on Bio Fuels on January 18th, 2024 at Hotel Le Meridien New Delhi.

This Conference will serve as a ready reckoner for all the stakeholders involved in the promotion of Biofuels; which will include Government Departments, Policymakers, Project Developers, Investors and financers, Equipment suppliers, O&M players, Feedstock suppliers and aggregators, solid municipal waste players, Consulting organizations, green energy enthusiasts, skill & capacity building organizations, educators and students alike.