Aviations sky soaring hopes from the BJP govt

Ranjeeta Bhattacharjee,

With Indian citizens making way for a ‘Modi’fied government, the Narendra Modi-led team BJP is all set to take charges from its predecessor UPA. With the shift of power, all major Indian sectors are keeping a watch on the changes/amendments of rules likely to bring upon by the new government.

Talking about the Aviation sector, with the declaration of the election results the tourism industry has got the most to rejoice upon. Reason being, for the first time in history, the government has included tourism in its manifesto. The BJP manifesto promises to focus on the five T’s namely; Tradition, Tourism, Trade, Technology and Talent to revive brand India.

Thus, it makes sense to say that the aviation industry in one among the other sectors which is sure to benefit from this decision. As, focus on economic growth and social development will generate increased leisure and travel business opportunities, which in turn imply an increase in air travel. The new government’s pro-tourism stance will surely be welcomed by the leaders of the aviation industry.

While talks are rife at the moment and no concrete decisions yet taken, one can only wonder what Modi has got in store for them. Meanwhile could we just say, “Aviation ke acche din aane wale hai?”.