2nd Biannual Oil and Gas Conference on City Gas Distribution- Opportunities & Challenges



CGD business is witnessing a steep growth. PNGRB next rounds (5th & 6th) plan to implement the City Gas Distribution (CGD) network in 41 Geographical Areas in 10 States across the country with existing pipelines, it has also identified another 30 cities which could have Gas Pipeline connectivity. Further GAIL has announced its intent to establish a City Gas Distribution (CGD) network in Patna and Gaya during the first phase of its Haldia- Jagdishpur 'energy highway' gas pipeline project as part of Government projection of CGD network in 200+ cities in another 5 Years.

If these have to come true it is a herculean task in terms of infrastructure and resources that need to be marshalled in the coming years. These highlights have mandated certain activities like need for creating vast CGD network with accelerated pace, developing CGD specific safety standards, monitoring the implementation of safety standards by an independent agency, gas allocation to the CGD entities which are not the gas producers & its pricing, Skilled manpower and pipeline connectivity from pipeline providers.

Diligentia Services is organising a one day Conference on City Gas Distribution which is scheduled on 31st July 2015 with the aim of addressing the issues and scrutinising the opportunities of the sector.