2ndAnnual Roof top Summit 2018


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The state of Jharkhand is on the threshold taking a leap into areas of development that can change the economy of the State. In order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel based generation, it is essential to explore all possible alternative sources of generation. Considering these circumstances the generation based on renewable energy resources and adopting energy efficiency measures to fulfil the electricity requirement shall play a significant role in meeting our future demands of electricity.

To achieve a sustainable development route that provides for advancement in economic as well as environmental objectives, the Government of Jharkhand is determined in taking necessary steps to encourage the generation based on renewable energy resources. The state has high solar insolation around 300 days of clear sun and offers good sites having potential of more than 4.5 to 5.5 kWh/m2/day, which the state intends to harness to support the energy requirements of the state.

Diligentia Services, thus is coming up with its 2nd Annual Solar Roof top Conference which is scheduled for 27th July 2018 in Ranchi to diligently address and deliberate on the viability of Rooftop Solar projects and how the industry as a whole can unite together to achieve the common goal of achieving its target. The summit provides an excellent opportunity for interaction & listening to the views of the experts and discussions among the major stakeholders. Like last few years, the summit is being held with the support of major players in Solar industry.