• Welcome 2017. A Sneak Peek Into The Priorities Set By Minister Piyush Goyal For The New Year

    Union Minister Piyush Goyal is holding charge of four important economic ministries including Power, RE, Coal and Mines. After de-monetisation move, Goyal has also been helping the government on this front but his performance in the four sectors has clearly given him an edge over many others in the Modi government.

    This article give you a quick sneak peek into the priority areas set by the minister for his four ministries during 2017.

    Ministry Wise Priority Areas for 2017


    Electrification – From Villages to Households: After the remaining villages are electrified, ensuring every house is electrified
    Customer First: Focus on quality of power supply – Monitoring hours and quality of power supply and ensuring that consumers are empowered with information
    Replacement of old power capacity: Replacement of more than 25 years old power plants of NTPC to help the environment and deliver affordable power
    Bringing all States under the ambit of distribution reform, UDAY and focus on loss reduction
    Safe and clean cities: Expansion of underground power cabling programme across multiple States
    Empowered Farmer – Rollout of mobile operated energy efficient pumps programme across States
    Energy Efficient Households: Expanded rollout of energy efficient electricals from LED bulbs to efficient fans and LED tube lights

    New & Renewable Energy:

    Affordable Wind Power: Wind auctions to transparently reduce prices
    Electric Vehicles: Mobility scheme to achieve the vision of promoting EV based transportation for India
    Taking the message of clean energy across the world: Founding conference of International Solar Alliance planned
    Global Renewable Energy Investors Meet: World’s largest renewable energy Investors Meet “RE-Invest” to be organized
    Solar Energy from every Roof: Expansion of rooftop solar programmes
    Make In India for Solar: Domestic manufacturing scheme for solar to be launched
    Prosperous Farmer – Pollution Free India: Scheme for Bio-mass like rice husk utilization
    Renewable Energy Fund: Launch of renewable energy fund under National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF)


    Rapid Exploration to bring back “Sone Ki Chidiya”: Rapid exploration especially in all areas including precious metals like Gold and Diamond to make India self-sufficient. This will include expanded exploration auctions and subcontracting and aero-geophysical reconnaissance.
    Technology for Transparency: Wide usage of systems like Satellite Surveillance System, Mining Tenement System and Online Core Business Integrated System to bring in transparency and accountability in the Mining Sector
    Rapid Mining Expansion to utilise wealth of India: Create jobs and wealth through rapid expansion of mining activity
    Sustainable Mining: Star rating of mines for their environmental performance and incentivise compliance


    Mine in India – Import Substitution: Remove import dependence by substituting imported coal usage with domestic coal
    Quality Coal: Control grade slippage through enhanced third party sampling and expanded coal washing
    Green Mining: Ensure mines exist in harmony with nature and communities through world class initiatives for water usage through recycling and dust control
    Welfare of Workers: Physical and financial safety for workmen through strict monitoring and enforcement of mine safety standards and transparent payment of dues. J.R. Sweezy Jersey

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