• Unscheduled flights from Russia can get visa for 7 days on reciprocal basis

    Ahead of Home Minister Rajnath Singh visit to Russia, India has given a nod for a temporary landing permit (TLP) to crew members of unscheduled flights and ships from Russia, on reciprocity basis. A TLP allows crew members of scheduled/unscheduled flight to enter India without a valid visa and can be granted up-to 7days.

    Singh is slated to visit Russia on September 18-21 and will meet his counterparts. New Delhi and Moscow are expected to sign multiple bilateral agreement on narcotics, security and international cooperation during this visit.

    The landing permit for sailors and crew members was curtailed in 2010 following reports of overstay and misuse of the facility. Several foreigners from Russian countries availing TLP later found their way to Goa, claimed officials.

    A senior government official told ET, “We have also allowed TLP for Cargo flights after Moscow said they are providing such facilities to our seamen and crew members. It is on reciprocal basis.”

    Officials said that there have been thousand instances of violations of visa policy by Russian tourist in the past who came on TLP or tourist visa and stayed for years.

    Foreigners from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) too came to India and got settled in Goa and Pune. Many of them were later found to be involved in drug trade, trafficking and other criminal acts.

    The home ministry recently eased the tourist visa on arrival (TVoA) for 150 countries including Russia allowing visitors to obtain a visa to visit India online within 3 days. Unlike a normal tourist visa, a TvoA is non-transferable and issued for 30 days.  Hines Ward Womens Jersey

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