• Tenders worth Rs 442 crore floated for runway work on Chandigarh airfield

    Tenders for the re-surfacing, extension and widening work of the runway and taxi tracks on the Chandigarh airfield have been floated for an estimated cost of around Rs 442 crore. The task of re-surfacing and extension of dispersal of runways and other related works is expected to be completed within 26 months from the date of awarding the tender. According to senior IAF officials, the runway on the airfield is expected to be closed on two occasions for 15 days each when the re-surfacing work is in progress – firstly, when stress absorbing membrane interlayer is being laid and secondly, for the laying of dense asphaltic concrete.
    These two occasions when the runway will be closed will not be a concurrent period so that the flying operations of the air force and domestic and international flight operations of the Chandigarh airport are not disrupted for a long period of time.
    During these two 15-day periods, the military aviation flights will be diverted to another airfield nearby, while the civilian flights will not be able to operate from Chandigarh. Tony Gonzalez Womens Jersey

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