• Something is lacking, Raju tells Air India staff

    Sending out a stern message to Air India staff, Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju said something is lacking when it comes to commitment shown by them, compared with rival airlines.

    While acknowledging that Air India, which turned operationally profitable last fiscal, has “done better”, the Minister emphasised on the need to ensure more cohesiveness at the national carrier. Raju, who has been generally supportive of Air India, is of the view that the carrier has definitely done better but there is always scope for improvement.

    “The cohesiveness still has to be built in (at Air India)…you have the advantage of different types of airlines, competition is there,” Raju said in an interview. “Commitment shown by some of their staff and the commitment shown by Air India staff — there is still something lagging.”

    It is a good airline and has served the country well, he noted, but “see, everywhere job is assured if that institution is there. If the institution goes, what happens to your job?”

    “Everyone will wish them well. Its financial books are bad and it needs to improve on. They have to develop strategies. They are on the right track,” he added. Johnny Hekker Authentic Jersey

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