• Small fields, big concerns

    The hydrocarbon exploration project at Neduvasal in Pudukkottai district and Karaikal is part of the Union government’s attempt to tap small fields of reserves, described as Discovered Small Fields (DSF), to enhance the country’s oil and gas production and reduce its dependence on imports. On February 15, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the award of contracts for exploration of 31 contract areas of 44 fields, including 28 on land and 16 offshore, discovered by the ONGC across the country.

    The project at Neduvasal DSF, recommended for award to a private company, Gem Laboratories Pvt Ltd., seeks to extract both oil and natural gas from hydrocarbon sediments in an area of about 10 sq. km. Although seismic surveys undertaken over the past several years had identified an exploration location at the village, no exploration well has been sunk there so far. However, in 2007, the ONGC sunk six exploration wells at various hamlets around Neduvasal such as Karu Nallandarkollai, Vanakankadu, Kottaikadu and Mullankurichi South and North.
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