Rooftop Solar Conclave 2016


rooftop solar conference

Design and implementation of Roof Top Solar project requires substantial coordination of several agencies, viz, Regulatory Commission (Net Metering regulation), DISCOMS (net metering and bill settlement), Ministry and SNAs (release of subsidy), Banks (housing/ improvement loans), Urban Local body (IEC for public campaign), Rooftop owner (access to roofs), Developers/ Aggregators/ EPC contractors (project implementation and operation),etc.

Chandigarh is best known for its world-class city designing and planning. With the very able support of Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), Chandigarh has done a commendable work in promoting the wide scale adoption of RTS projects. Thus, Rooftop Solar Conclave conference cum exhibition will be held in Chandigarh with the esteemed support of Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA). It will be a business oriented exhibition and conference where Solar Industry professionals will convene to stay up to date on the latest trends, Government Policies and the state of the industry.


  • Knowledge sharing- Eminent speakers and experts will present their views/ perspectives and address some challenges in the path of successful implementation of RTS projects in India. They will also highlight some of the leading case studies and success stories which will provide a good learning experience to all beginners.
  • Networking and Business Development- Getting all stakeholders at one point and at one place is difficult. This conference cum exhibition will offer a unique business development and networking platform to all.
  • Technology showcase-Solar Rooftop Conclave will provide an excellent platform to latest technologies/ services to the entire solar community. It will be a good chance for leaders to showcase their leadership and for new entrants with lot of passion to come forward and showcase their innovative technologies and services.


  • Ministries
  • SNAs
  • PSUs
  • State Electricity Regulatory Authorities
  • Solar PV manufacturers
  • Associations
  • Institutes
  • Urban Local Bodies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Venture Capital firms
  • Architects, Planners and Engineers
  • Trade bodies and associations
  • Solar project developers
  • Housing societies
  • Builders and Developers
  • Logistic companies
  • Consultancies and service providers, etc.