• Robots to Reduce Turnaround at India’s Busiest Airport

    India’s busiest airport, the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, is embracing robotics for cleaning aircraft. The Nordic Dino robot, to be procured from Sweden’s Aviator, will first be used at Terminal 3 of IGI for washing narrow-body aircraft. The first machine is expected to arrive in February next year and start operations by April.

    Around 100 airplanes are washed at the IGI every day. It takes at least 10 hours, 20 persons and gallons of water as well as high lifts, ladders, hefty brushes and quite a bit of muscle to clean one aircraft. Cutting labor costs and water consumption and above all minimizing the ground time for exterior washing has been a priority area for flight operators. Cory Schneider USA Womens Jersey

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