• ‘Quantum jump in power consumption in Bihar in past eleven years’

    Bihar registered a quantum jump in consumption of electricity during successive regimes in the last 11 years .

    The annual per capita consumption of electricity rose to 258 units in 2016 from merely 70 units in 2005 when Kumar became CM for the first time. The peak demand of electricity rose to 3,769MW in 2016 from 700MW in 2005.

    The transmission line almost doubled in Bihar in the last 11 years — from 5,000km in 2005 to 9,696km in 2016. The transmission evacuation capacity went up from 1,000MW in 2005 to 6,772MW this year while the number of consumers increased from 17.31 lakh to 81 lakh during the period.

    These figures were made officially public at a function at which CM Nitish Kumar launched the state government’s ‘Har Ghar Bijli Lagataar’ (uninterrupted electricity to each home) scheme here on Tuesday. “Electrification work is going on in each district,” he said.

    The CM said the per capita consumption of electricity was merely 70 units when he came to power in 2005. “It rose to 120 units in 2012 when, addressing the Independence Day function, I promised people I would not seek votes if power scenario did not better. I asked for votes in 2014 general election only when the power sector reported improvement,” he said.

    Making an oblique reference to PM Narendra Modi’s poll-time rhetorics asking ‘bijli aayee, bijli aayee’ from people at public rallies, the Bihar CM said people, who tried to make electricity an election issue during the 2015 assembly polls, could not succeed because improvement was there for everyone to see. Kumar did not name Modi though. Eddie Giacomin Authentic Jersey

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