• Power trade jumps 15% at IEX in March

    With temperature rising, the spot power market at IEX saw a 15 per cent jump in electricity trade in March but average rate remained low at 2.56 a unit.

    As many as 3,364 million units (MU) changed hands in March compared to 2,927 MU traded in February. “On a daily average basis, over 109 MUs were traded, up from 105 MUs in the previous month,” the power trading platform said in a statement here.

    With rising temperature and earlier than usual arrival of summer, the market saw average daily purchase bids of 139 MU, 10 per cent increase over February, while the sell bids were 200 MU. “The market, however, continued to see low price during the month. The average Market Clearing Price (MCP) for the month was2.56 per unit, almost at par with price of 2.54 per unit in February,” it said.

    The average Area Clearing Price (ACP), the price at which settlement takes place, varied from 1.53 per unit to 4.47 per unit across the bid areas. Stan Musial Womens Jersey

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