• Pilots may face strict action for failing flight duties

    Pilots coming late for duty as well as falsely reporting sick are likely to face strict enforcement action, with the government proposing stringent regulations in this regard.

    The proposal comes against the backdrop of instances where pilots did not adhere to their assigned flight duties.

    To deal with such incidents, the civil aviation ministry has proposed new norms under the Aircraft Rules, 1937.

    As per the proposal, likely to be finalised by the second week of December, pilots who are found to falsely report illness to escape flight duty and those unwilling to follow the dynamic roster, among others, will be considered as acts against public interests liable for enforcement action.

    In a release today, the ministry said cases often have come to the notice of DGCA where pilots employed with air transport undertakings do not adhere to their assigned flight duties, at times reporting sick.

    “This has a bearing on flight safety and public interest, leading to last-minute flight delays or cancellation, thereby causing inconvenience and harassment to the passengers,” it noted.

    Any act on the part of pilots wherein they are found to falsely report illness to escape flight duty, coming late to the aircraft, not undertaking the flight even after reporting for flight duty or unwilling to follow the dynamic roster well within the FDTL would face strict action.

    FDTL refers to Flight and Duty Time Limitations.

    Such activities “which result in last-minute flight disruptions and may imperil safety of aircraft operations would be treated as an act against public interest and the pilots would be liable for enforcement action against them”, the ministry said.

    The proposal in this regard is being put up for public consultation. Kurt Coleman Womens Jersey

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