• NTPC Achieves Highest Ever Single Day Generation of 870.11 MUs

    NTPC and Group NTPC achieved highest ever daily generation of 784.74 MUs & 870.11 MUs on 22nd March 2017 surpassing previous best of 782.95MUs & 866.47MUs achieved on 9/9/16. NTPC coal stations clocked highest ever daily generation of 749.63 Mu on 22nd March 2017 over previous highest of 742.51 Mu in 2016. NTPC (Coal+ Gas +Hydro +Solar) achieved highest ever generation of 243.326 BUs on 22nd March 2017 in FY17 against previous best of 241.976 BUs achieved in FY 2016.

    The higher generation from coal based stations indicates uptrend in electricity demand in the grid.

    NTPC has total installed capacity of 48873 MW from its 19 coal based, 7 gas based, 10 solar PV, one Hydro and 9 Subsidiaries / Joint Venture power stations.Company has capacity of over 23,000 MW under implementation at 23 locations across the country including 4300 MW being undertaken by joint venture and subsidiary companies. NTPC’s First coal mine Pakri-Barwadih at Hazaribagh became operational in December 2016. First wind power project of NTPC- Rojmal Wind Energy Project 50 MW is being set up in the State of Gujarat. Kevin Byard Jersey

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