• No capacity addition needed for coal-based power from 2017-2022: draft plan

    There will be no need for coal-based power generation capacity addition from 2017 to 2022 according to the Draft National Electricity Plan, 2016. The draft floated by the Central Electricity Authority, the government’s power policy ideating and monitoring body, also projects a subdued demand for power with a 20.7 per cent lower peak demand in 2026–27.

    The study assumes a committed capacity addition of 4,800 MW from nuclear, 12,000 MW from hydro and 100,000 MW from renewable energy sources during 2022-27. According to demand projections for the year 2026-27, “the study for the period 2022-27 reveals that a coal-based capacity addition of 44,085 MW is required. However, as coal based capacity of 50,025 MW is already under construction which is likely to yield benefits during 2017-22; this coal based capacity would fulfil the capacity requirement for the years 2022-27.”

    The report projects that peak demand is 235 GW at the end of year 2021- 22 which is around 17 per cent lower than the corresponding projections made by 18th Electric Power Survey (EPS) report. It further projects a peak demand of 317 GW at the end of 2026-27 which is around 20.7 per cent lower than the corresponding projections made by 18th EPS report. Interestingly, demand side management, energy efficiency and conservation measures would aid to a reduction in peak demand. The report notes that reduction in peak demand (MW) for utilities will be by 7277 MW in 2016-17, 9436 MW in 2021-22, and 12324 MW in 2026-27.

    Capacity addition from conventional sources will be 1,01,645 MW. This stands at 115 per cent against the target of 88,537 MW. The report also notes that 56 per cen of the total capacity addition during the 12th Plan will be coming from private sector. Capacity addition for hydro and nuclear (hydro – 5,601MW and nuclear -2,800 MW) in the 12th Plan period will be strained and the report notes that there is “likely to be considerable slippage” and that “factors affecting capacity addition in hydro and nuclear sectors need to be addressed urgently.” Wayne Gretzky Womens Jersey

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