• New model to forecast fog over airports

    To get a better grip on forecasting fog, a series of organisations has partnered with the airport authorities here to develop a system that can warn of fog at least 6-24 hours in advance, calculate its severity, and estimate when it is likely to lift enough for flights to take off and land safely.

    Predicting a fog is a daunting challenge the world over, primarily because a range of meteorological conditions contribute to it, and it can play out differently even within a city. While the immediate utility would be for aviation, officials associated with the exercise said if the underlying science of the fog-prediction system was perfected, it would be able to warn of extreme pollution events such as the severe smog that enveloped Delhi this year after Diwali.

    About 30 instruments have been installed abutting one of the runways in Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, said Madhavan Rajeevan, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, and the first forecasts would be available in January.  Authentic Jersey

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