• National Energy Policy aims to meet sustainable growth

    The four key objectives of the new energy policy are access at affordable prices, improved energy security and independence, greater sustainability and economic growth.

    Power and coal minister Piyush Goyal informed Rajya Sabha in a written reply. Thi policy is being discussed by NITI Aayog with different stake holders.

    The minister further stated in the reply that NEP builds on the achievements of the earlier omnibus energy policy – the Integrated Energy Policy (IEP), and sets the new agenda consistent with the redefined role of emerging developments in the energy world.

    In view of the fact, that energy is handled by different ministries that have the primary responsibility of setting their own sectoral agenda, an omnibus policy is required to achieve the goal of energy security through coordination between these sources. This is also expected to mainstream emerging energy technologies, and provide consumer energy choices, Goyal added.

    Replying to a question on the difference between the old and new policies, the minister informed that the new policy differs from the previous policy while including the issue related to sharp decline of crude oil prices, change in solar energy technology, heightened concern of climate change issues, ambitious target of Renewable energy and rural electrification agenda adopted by the Government. Roosevelt Nix Authentic Jersey

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