• MP government wants to hike tariff after buying power at high rate: AAP

    Aam Aadmi Party on Monday alleged that Madhya Pradesh government purchased electricity at a high rate for the benefit of private power generation firms, and to make up the resultant loss of Rs 9,288.53 crore, it now wanted to put the burden on the consumers through a tariff hike. “MP Power Management Company Limited (MPPMCL) has sustained a whopping loss of Rs 9,288.53 crore according to its audit report of 2013-14,” state AAP convener Alok Agrawal said in Bhopal.
    “Instead of buying power from MP Power Generating Company, NTPC and other government establishments, state government bought electricity, in some cases for Rs 9.50 per unit, from private electricity sellers,” he alleged.
    “MPPMCL has petitioned MP Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) seeking its approval to hike power tariff for the three distribution companies which supply power to consumers in MP,” he said.
    “If the MPERC gives permission to MPPMCL, the domestic consumers will get power Rs 2.50 per unit costlier,” he added.
    Agrawal said AAP was opposed to the MPPMCL petition and was going to contest it at hearing at MPERC tomorrow. The petition aimed at “looting” the commoners, he said.
    The AAP leader, citing the petition, also said Rs 1,569 crore electricity dues of big consumers (industrial houses) were waived unlawfully. This made it clear that small consumers were being victimised, he added. AAP will oppose any move to hike the power tariff and wanted the tariff to be halved, he said. Dick Butkus Womens Jersey

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